It was another chilly winter day here at Flat Rock. But that didn’t stop us from having fun. We learned how to play the winter sport of Broomball! Red team beat the Blue team, 3-1. It’s awesome to have a community facility to be inside and still enjoy some fun games indoors. We traveled to the local St. Paul Gym and played a camp classic, kickball. The score got so high to where we lost track. The meals are absolutely one of the best parts of camp. Today for breakfast we had breakfast burritos. For lunched we enjoyed chicken poppers with mac n’ cheese. For dinner we had chicken fettuccini alfredo and dirt pudding for dessert. The highlight of our day was our animal put on by Silly Safaris. They modeled some interesting animals including an owl, milk snake and snow bunny. But the star of the show was Ginger, the 7 month old reindeer. That’s right, a real-live reindeer was at camp today! It doesn’t get much better than that. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures the rest of the week!

6981 W. County Road 650 North
St. Paul, IN 47272