Camp stands as a great sanctuary for many important and transformational experiences for young people.  Here at Flat Rock River YMCA Camp we have grown our service to young people across programs dramatically in the last five years and now find ourselves turning children away each Summer and experiencing growing pains.  It led us to put together a great master plan for the property with lofty dreams for how the facility can develop to serve more youth with better programming for generations to come.  However the most important addition now and phase zero is building the long awaited 4th hilltop cabin inclusive of some additional storm shelter and indoor meeting space.

Present Hill Top Cabin The New One Will be Modeled After

The total estimated project cost is $400,000 – $420,000 and the good news is we presently have funding commitments for $297,500.  We are now focused in on finishing the home stretch and raising the additional $102,500 in commitments by the end of August so we can break ground this fall and use the non peak season for construction to have the cabin available for programming in 2020.  We jumped from $295,000 to $297,500 when my wife and I made a commitment of $2,500 this week over and beyond our annual commitment of $1,500 for camp scholarships.

I share that not as a way to brag or try to earn accolades for our philanthropy, as its small relative to the other gifts made on this project. It does require us to stretch and make some sacrifices, but we are thrilled to support this cabin.  It is the single most important and best investment opportunity I know of in my 15 years of youth development work and I feel need the need to jump in and share in the hopes you will join me and the other donors in making a pledge.  Our camp has long taught our campers and staff to “see it, own it, and resolve it” and reinforced the idea that we are all “somebody” who needs to help where and when we can.  It is my prayer that our camp alumni, camp parents, past program participants, past volunteers, community supporters of youth, and their large network of friends will see this and step up to the “somebody” that makes this cabin possible.

Why is this cabin needed at Flat Rock and how will it help?  Some Data and Numbers to Chew On

  •  This cabin allows for 216 more children to attend Summer residential camp and alleviates crowding and juggling of younger campers to the valley cabins and older campers to the yurt village
  • The new cabin allows us to expand our number of students and schools attending outdoor environmental programs in the Spring and Fall
  • The general assembly spaces allow for programs to occur in inclement weather, provides a home for STEM related clinics, and makes two more breakout spaces available for groups and conferences
  • The basement creates another storm shelter on camp to support the safety of our growing number of campers
  • Here is a link to a draft of the drawings for the new cabin

What size gifts are needed and over how many years can I make a pledge?

  • We need a $50,000 , $25,000, $10,000, and multiple $5,000 and $2,500 gifts to reach our goal.  Every gift is important and pledges can be made over up to 3-5 years if needed

I am ready to invest in this cabin and the children that will benefit, what do I need to do?

  • Awesome, the pledge form is linked here and you can fill it out and mail/e-mail back at your convenience.  If you would rather give through appreciated stock or talk about your gift over the phone please give us a call.

I would like to learn more prior to making an investment,  who can I talk to?

  • We would love for you to come to Flat Rock and take a tour of the camp while we are still in season to discuss the project further.  Please reach out to me (Don Sheppard) at 765-525-6730 or to establish a day and time that works for you

I am not giving because…….

  • There are always lots of reasons and excuses not to give.  It is those that give in spite of them that have helped to make our camp, community, and country great.  We are grateful to those who seize this opportunity at this time to do something wonderful for present and future campers.

Thanks for reading, thanks for considering, and thanks to those that join us in giving!



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