Wednesday July 31, 2019


Food: It Does a Body Good

  • Breakfast – Waffles, Bacon, Fruit, Yogurt, Milk and Cereal Bar, and Toast 
  • Lunch – Corn dogs, potato smiles, Sweet corn, Salad bar, Rice Krispy Treat, Milk, and PB&J Bar 
  • Dinner – Cook out night! Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, potato salad, and watermelon.  Teen campers will enjoy dutch oven cooking and get to make their own trail mix for overnight.


Everybody Stand Up! It’s Time for Chapel!

Caring was the core value talked about at Chapel this morning. Chapel was led by our Leadership campers. Caring: to demonstrate a sincere concern for others, for their needs and well-being. Related values: compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness.
Who Led Chapel: Uncle Mickey 1
Skit: Starfish 
Songs: Sea of Galilee, Deep and Wide
Story: Kyle 

Our Executive Director joined chapel to recognize new and anniversary year campers and share a story about aiming at the right target in life.

The Golden Plunger Goes To…

Each day our Unit Directors challenge each of their cabins to maintain the cleanliness of the cabins and make it a competition. The winning cabin each day with receive a Golden Plunger, with hopes to keep it each day. The cleanest cabin awards for the day went to:

The Hill: Apache 1
Yurt Village: Uncle Mickey 1
The Valley: Chippewa 1

Let’s Get Moving: It’s Clinic Time

The sun was out today and we had a blast! The week is half over and the campers are loving their clinics. At Flat Rock we specifically design clinics so that the possibilities for campers are endless. By this time in the week campers have conquered some fears and are gaining the right amount of self-confidence.

Time to Get Ready for Tonight’s Activity

The Hill and Village are looking forward to the pool party tonight, and teens are packing up for their overnight at our outpost property.  The experience includes outdoor cooking, soccer, games, songs, and teen fire pit devotion.  Probably the best weather of the Summer for both of them!  



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