Winter Camp 


We filled this chilly Wednesday with lots of fun activities! Including, a chili cook-off!


Last night Wyandot won the gingerbread house making contest. These guys did a great job of keeping their house standing the longest!

Our Kitchen team provided us with a biscuit bar for breakfast. Choices to go along with those biscuits were gravy, eggs and cheese, sausage and apple butter. Campers choice!

After breakfast we had cabin activity time followed by all camp capture the flag!

Lunch was a baked potato bar with ravioli and our full salad bar.  After lunch we had a much needed siesta time.

This afternoon we had a cabin chili cook-off. We had 3 Flat Rock Outdoor Education Naturalist and Genevieve Sullivan ( Senior Program Director) be our judges. Congratulations to  Wyandot  for winning!

Dinner of course is- each cabin is eating the chili they worked so hard on.


On tonight’s schedule is  the dance! Everyone is more than excited.



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