A Walk With The Old Man Of The Woods

April in Indiana, never short of surprises!! Cold and SNOWY one day, warm and windy the next! The birds and flowers aren’t QUITE sure what to do next! We have Spring Beauties, Hepatica, Bloodroot and other heralds of spring everywhere and yet the Flat Rock herself is flowing ‘high and muddy’ with spring melt and rain.  Most of our Pond and River classes have been using either Lake Talesce or Frog Creek, which empties directly into the lake, or the St. Omer Spring!

I did get a chance to take one days classes from Abraham Lincoln School’s 5th grade down to the river itself, but that proved to be a ‘one off’ so far!  Spring Peepers and Wood Chorus Frogs were going at it…and we saw our first Queen’s Snake of the season, hunting crayfish among the rocks. The 4th graders ‘discovered’ the joys of eating Ramp/Wild Leeks fresh from the ground and really enjoyed tasting Sweet Cicely, or American Anise!!

In all there, is always something new to experience at camp, in the glories of an Indiana Spring!!


-Marcus Loidolt


Marcus is a follower of Jesus Christ, AND a scientist. An adherent of the Golden Rule in all times and place. He has been a Naturalist for Flat Rock YMCA for 20 years.  He is loved by all of his employees and students.  He loves to write, and spend his free time with beauty Flat Rock has to offer.

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