Flat Rock River YMCA Camp Teen Leaders Program

Teen Leaders provides an opportunity for year round leadership development and programs for teens involved with our camp.

  • Who is Eligible?

    Any youth who has attended Flat Rock and is between the ages of 13-17.
  • What do teen leaders do?

    • Have fun together and continue friendships forged at camp
    • Provide service to the camp and our community
    • Provide feedback and guidance to the Flat Rock program staff
    • Develop and hone leadership skills
    • Acquire and learn skills to assist in working with younger campers and prepare for a future counselor role

  • How often do the teen leaders meet?

    We plan to have between 8-10 activities each year that occur outside of summer camp (See the calendar on the next page) and ask that members achieve a 75% attendance rate or higher.
  • How do I Join?

    Complete the one page application form inclusive of parent signature.
  • How Much Does it Cost?

    Membership is free, however some of the activities and apparel will have a fee for participation associated.

  • Who is In Charge of It?

    Teen Leaders is designed to be led by teens as part of the leadership development process.  Officers are elected annually at the conclusion of Summer Resident Camp and supported by a Flat Rock staff advisor and adult volunteers.

2019-20 Teen Leaders Officer:          President – Sami S.

2019-20 Teen Leaders Officer:          Program Vice President – Julia F.

2019-20 Teen Leaders Officer:          Administrative Vice President – Ellie M.

2019-20 Teen Leaders Officer:          Secretary – Emma H.

Flat Rock Staff Contacts:  Brian Keyes, bkeyes@indymca.org or Don Sheppard dsheppard@indymca.org  765-525-6730

2019-20 Teen Leaders Calendar of Events

September 15, 2019 – Teen Leaders Meeting at Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay in Indianapolis 2-5pm

October 6, 2019 – Teen Leaders Meeting at Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay in Indianapolis from 2-5pm

November 2, 2019 – Alumni Day and Flat Rock Fall Work Day 9am-4pm (Optional Overnight Friday Nov 1st)

December 13, 2019 – Flat Rock Christmas Party 6pm

January 12, 2019 – Volunteer Event (Details TBD)

February 16, 2020 – Teen Leaders Meeting  at the Fishers YMCA in Indianapolis 2-5pm

March 21, 2020 – Spring Flat Rock Work  9am-4pm at Flat Rock

March 29, 2020 – Summer Camp Open House at Flat Rock from 1-4pm

April 25, 2020 – Canal Race Fundraiser for Flat Rock – Downtown Indianapolis

May 3, 2020 – Summer Camp Open House at Flat Rock from 1-4pm

Teen Leader Officer Descriptions:

The key youth leader. Works closely with the Advisor and leadership team to plan program and preside at meetings. Represents members and campers through the Flat Rock Advisory Board.

Administrative Vice President:
Responsible for membership and recognition. Leads the recruiting effort for new members.  Recognizes achievements by individual members. Assumes the responsibility of the president in his or her absence.

Program Vice President:
Surveys members about their interests to help plan program activities. Arranges the program planning process, schedules activities, and maintains the calendar. Provides support and accountability for the activities.

Serves as the communications officer. Maintains membership and attendance records, coordinates publicity, takes meeting minutes, and handles correspondence.

How can I be elected as an officer?

Members for one year or more can run for an officer position.  The election sheet will be provided to other members (must have completed an application) during summer resident camp.  Ballots will be counted and election results provided to each member.  Officers will serve a one year term from September 1 to August 31 the second year.  If elected they can serve consecutive terms with a maximum of two years in any one position.

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