There is no better Monday than a Monday spent at summer camp! Despite our grey clouds all of our activities went on.

Our delicious meals of the day were…

We started our day with Pancakes, French toast, sausage links, fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast all served with milk and juice.

Lunch today was Chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, peas, carrots, salad bar, deli bar, pbj bar served with milk and juice. For dessert our kitchen staff made warm homemade cookies.

As we type up the blog we can hear the kids gathered around the flag pole anxiously awaiting their dinner. Tonight’s dinner menu is, pizza, ranch pasta salad, pineapple, salad bar, and pb&j bar. Flat Rock Root beer floats for dessert!

Each cabin has chores they do in the morning.  Keeping your cabin clean is very important.  While the campers are out at their morning activities our lead summer staff go around and inspect the cabins.

Today’s cleanest cabins were…

On the Hill: Osage
Yurt Village: Apollo
Down in the Valley: Apache 2

We start each day of camp by going to chapel. At chapel we will talk about one of the YMCA’s 4 core  values.  We believe these values are crucial to the development of our youth.  Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Caring.  Incredible learning and growth happen during chapel. It is a great way to start the day.



On the agenda this evening

Tonight we are doing unit activities. The Valley cabins are doing they twilight swim, the Hill cabins get to participate in cultural games, and the Village is doing their version of the Olympic games, the Village Games!



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