Summer Camp Open House

Summer Camp Open House


Summer is right around the corner and parents all over are preparing to choose summer camps for their children. Parents are left with a little anxiety on which camp to choose. Attending a Summer Camp Open House is as much important for you as it is for your child. We have some good reasons to plug the dates in your calendar to make sure you make a visit to camp prior to summer.

The Whole Picture
Seeing where your child will be staying for the week is significant to help you camper feel less overwhelmed. Even with all the pictures we post online of our cabins and programming areas, it is hard to get an idea of what camp really looks like unless you visit. During Summer Camp Open Houses families are provided with tours of camp, so you and your camper can see first-hand where they will be experiencing summer camp.

Meet our Leadership Team
During check-in and check-out days our leadership team are the ones making sure everyone has everything they need and are getting to the places they need to go. During Summer Camp Open Houses the leadership staff are static and ready to answer any questions you or your camper may have about summer camp. The year-round leadership team cares deeply about camp and giving each child the experience of a lifetime. Flat Rock is staffed with 8 year-round staff. While attending the Summer Camp Open House get to know the leadership team that is dedicated to making each camper have a fun, safe, and transformational experience.

Feel Relaxed
If you have a camper who is a little nervous about being away from home, attending the Open House can help settle those nerves. This is a great opportunity for them to meet counselors they will be seeing when they come back for camp. When you arrive on check-in day your camper will have a couple of familiar faces, they will know the lay of the land, and even have visited their cabin they will be staying in.  Camp staff will be available to answer any questions regarding programming and safety procedures.

Get Answers
One of the most popular questions asked is “What do we pack?” Seeing your camper’s cabin, shower, and becoming familiar with camp will answer most of your packing questions. The Open house our staff will talk about what to expect on check- in and check- out days, as these days can seem a little hectic when you arrive. The staff do a great job of explaining what type of communication you will receive from us regarding your camper while he or she is at summer camp.

Have fun!
Summer camp is loads of fun. While at the Open House talk to your camper about what they expect, and what type of camp activities they would like to participate in. There will be lots of camp activities open for them to try.  Try out the 50ft climbing tower, archery, arts and crafts, or hang out in the tree house. Attending Summer Camp Open House is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Kids of all ages are welcome.

Flat Rock River YMCA Camp hosts two Summer Camp open house events on
March 31 and May 5 from 1-4 p.m. We hope you will join us for an afternoon of camp programs, fellowship and more as you take time becoming familiar with camp.  


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