How do you make the safety of the campers a top Priority?

We are grateful for the trust parents place in us as a partner in the development of their child.  The safety and well-being of each camper is our top priority.

Staffing:  We work to hire the best possible team members to work with our campers.  Many of them start as campers at Flat Rock and work their way through development programs that allow us to train and select the best possible candidates to work with youth.  Each staff member must pass a background check, drug test, and undergo training in CPR, First Aid, bullying prevention, and a host of other topics designed to support their success in working with your child.

American Camp Association Accredited:  We operate our camp by an extensive set of policies and procedures established by the American Camp Association.  We submit to an accreditation process and further enhance our operation through best practices and policies adopted by the YMCA nationally and locally.

We ask each staff member to consider the safety of each activity and action before undertaking it.

How old do you have to be to attend camp?

Our residential camps are available starting at the age of 7 or completion of the first grade and we have offerings through the age of 17.  Ranch camp is available for campers 12 or older.  Our Leadership Development program begins at age 16 or completion of sophomore year of high school.  Our Counselor in Training program begins at age 17 or completion of junior year of high school.  Younger children can attend one of our family camps together with a parent or guardian.

What does Flat Rock do if my child has an emergency?

Flat Rock River YMCA Camp has a nurse on staff and a pediatrician on call. Our Nurse and Medical Staff will treat routine scrapes, cuts, and minor illnesses.  In the event of a serious illness or injury we will contact you directly. We utilize Major Hospital in Shelbyville in the event of an emergency. We do not carry accident or sickness insurance on our campers. The health insurance information you provide on your campers Health History form will only be used to facilitate outside medical treatment, if required. Parents and or guardians are responsible for charges and prescriptions incurred for off-site medical treatment. Services provided by our camp Medical Staff are free.

 What if I have a picky eater?

 Food is what keeps campers from running on empty.  It fuels their day and can dramatically affect energy levels and moods.  At Flat Rock our campers eat Family style. Family-style dining teaches responsibility, respect, cooperation, and skills. A communal table creates personal flexibility. Our staff encourages campers to try each of the choices prepared by the kitchen. They put each item on their own plate and encourage campers to do the same.  Our salad bar and peanut butter and jelly bar is a great option for ‘picky eaters’ to find something they can enjoy and campers are pleasantly surprised to see there is so much more than salad at the salad bar!  We offer food item like plain pasta, plain bread, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, chicken salad, hard boiled eggs and PB&J are always there! We even see campers getting creative, making chicken salad sandwiches, and cheddar cheese pasta. 

If you have a camper who has food allergies, no worries! Our kitchen staff work hard to accommodate most food allergies. If you have a camper with food allergies please contact our Food Service Director Kim Redmon. 

Check out our sample summer camp menu.  


What should my camper do if he/she gets ill at camp?

We will only keep sick campers in our infirmary for 24 hours. Therefore, we ask parents of campers who are ill for more than this time period to care for their child at home.  The parent is responsible for transportation of campers returning home or back to camp due to illness. A child who is sick before camp begins should stay home for their own sake and for the health of our camp community until they are healthy enough to fully participate in activities.

We will credit or refund pro-rated camp fees for any child who becomes sick and returns home for medical reasons.

 What happens if my child wets the bed at camp?

Our staff is trained to discreetly deal with bed-wetting. They will also work with your child to help prevent future occurrences. We have a laundry facility on site to immediately take care of any soiled clothing or bedding.

Please notify the counselor at check-in if you suspect your camper is a bed wetter. Please talk with your child about asking their counselor for help if you feel like an accident is likely to occur.  Every effort will be made to prevent accidents. Please pack a mattress cover and extra sheets if you think they may be needed.

Campers who pack pull-ups for night time are not different. They are prepared!

 My child takes Medications, how does camp handle this?

All medications, including over-the-counter medication, must be turned in during check-in at the Lodge. Medication will be dispensed by the Medical Staff as required by Indiana Law.

Please do not pack any medications in your child’s suitcase!

All medication brought into camp must be in the ORIGINAL BOTTLE which includes camper’s name, dosage and time of the dose. Over-the-counter medicine must be in the original package.

We stock most over-the-counter medication so you should not need to pack any. If you have questions on any particular medications, please contact our office.

Children who require an Epi-pen or inhaler to be with them at all times must carry it in their right front pocket so that it is readily available in an emergency situation. If your child has a back-up Epi-pen or inhaler we ask that you also bring it so that we can have a back-up in the infirmary. All camper medications can be picked up from the Lodge during check-out.

How does Flat Rock handle behavior issues?

Discipline:  Flat Rock has two general misbehavior types.

Type 1: Behavior is minor but disruptive and inappropriate. This include, but is not limited to: profanity, tardiness and uncooperative behavior. Campers who engage in such behavior will be asked to sit out of an activity. Later, they are asked to explain the situation back to the staff member. Further problems may result in written documentation with logical consequences.

Escalating behavior may result in a meeting with the Program Director or Executive Director.  Parents may be contacted to discuss behavior or special circumstances. 

Type 2: Behavior would include, but is not limited to damage or theft of property, assault, verbal abuse, possessing weapons, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, sexual misconduct and repeated Type

1 actions. Such behavior will be documented and dealt with immediately and may result in dismissal from camp. No Refunds Will Be Issued. Parents will be responsible for any transportation required to pick-up the camper.  

 Property and Equipment Damage: Parents are financially responsible for intentional damage to equipment or facilities caused by their child, including removal of graffiti.

What if my camper loses something at camp?

Items found during the camp week will be on display outside the Lodge adjacent to the office. Please check the lodge wall before you leave camp. If you discover that something is missing upon your return home, please contact camp immediately. Arrangements can be made for lost items.  Items not claimed within two weeks will be donated to the local shelter. Flat Rock is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

How can we thank our camper’s counselors?

We ask our staff not to accept tips. Please show your appreciation by putting the balance of your campers Trading Post account towards our Annual Campaign and help us provide an amazing camp experience for more kids at Flat Rock.

How can our camper contact their counselors throughout the year?

YMCA of the USA has a policy that does not allow camper and counselor contact outside of camp. Campers may write letters to their counselors, and send them to Flat Rock’s address. Flat Rock also maintains a Facebook page where campers and counselors can communicate.

What shouldn’t my campers bring to camp?

  • Cell Phones
  • Laptops
  • Ipads/Ipods/tablets/e-readers/Handheld gaming device
  • Jewelry
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons
  • Pets/animals
  • Money



What if my camper can’t swim?

 Every camper is required to take a swim test to determine their level of comfort in the pool. Swim Tests take place on Sunday, directly after check-in. Under the direction of the Head Lifeguard and with additional lifeguard supervision, campers will swim from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool.  They will then tread water for 2 minutes. 

Red Swim Band– Camper struggles swimming to the deep end.

These campers are signed up for 1 clinic of swim lessons and must wear a life jacket and stay in the shallow end of the pool during free swim periods. Campers are not allowed to utilize the rope swing or Wet Willy Waterslide.

Blue Swim Band Camper struggles to swim in the deep end, but are tall enough to stand in the shallow end of the pool with their chest out of water.

These campers are signed up for 1 clinic of swim lessons and stay in the shallow end of the pool during free swim periods. Campers are not allowed to utilize the rope swing or Wet Willy Waterslide.

Yellow Swim BandCampers struggle treading water, but can swim from the shallow to the deep end.

These campers can swim in the shallow end of the pool without assistance, but cannot go into the deep end of the pool.

Green Swim Band-Campers can swim to the deep end and can tread water for 2 minutes.

These campers can be in both the shallow and deep end of the pool without a life jacket and can climb the rock wall in the deep end of the pool.

What if I have more questions?

We welcome all questions if you find that you have more questions or concerns regarding Flat Rock River YMCA Camp you may contact our Senior Program Director Genevieve Sullivan.

Our staff is available to help answer additional questions you may have over the phone, our full parent guide is linked here with more detailed information, and we always welcome setting up a camp tour for you and your child!

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