Thursday already?!

Our Valley campers had a successful overnight. Everyone had a great time and returned back to camp for their clinics.

Our meals today were…

At Breakfast we had mini muffins, with breakfast parfaits, cereal and toast with milk and juice.

Lunch today  was Grilled Cheese, Chicken noodle soup, goldfish crackers, deli bar and pb&j bar, Rice Krispy treats with milk and juice.

Our Hill top cabins had a picnic today on the hill for lunch. The had peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches with string cheese and applesauce.

Dinner tonight is Chicken Alfredo, bread sticks, salad bar, deli bar and pb&j bar, and dirt pudding, with milk and juice

Cleanest cabin of the day…

Uncle Mickey 2

At chapel today we talked about honesty. Through songs and skits our summer staff talked to the campers about why being honest is important, not just with others but with yourself.

Tonight’s activities include-

Capture the Flag!!!

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