After getting settled into the cabins, campers got to sign up for their weekly clinics, take a camp tour, and take their swim test.

What do we mean by clinics? Clinics are the weekly activities that your campers get to participate in. During their clinics each day they learn about their activity, advance their skill and have fun doing it. Our clinics this week include canoeing, outdoor cooking, arts and crafts, free swim, advanced sports, soccer, basketball, kayaking, survival, nature and science, bird watching,archery spa, and splash (all sorts of fun water activities). After signing up for clinics and getting a camp tour the campers head to our pool for their swim test.  All campers take the swim test and then receive a designated color arm band, letting counselors and lifeguards know their swimming ability.

Dinner tonight was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, Texas toast,  salad bar served with milk and juice. At lunch and at dinner we always offer a salad bar, deli bar, and  peanut butter and jelly bar for our campers.

We are hoping the rain holds off so we can start our Session 9 with opening campfire.  Opening campfire is the culmination of the day. Our summer staff counselors will sing songs, perform skits, and set the tone for the entire week. There is something magical about opening campfire- it just gives the welcome home feeling!

Be sure to check out camp pictures post on SmugMug Daily by 7pm.  Your password for Session 9 is located in your Check-in details e-mail.

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