Although we are sad that this week is coming to an end we are happy for all the awesome memories that have been made.

Meals today were:

French toast sticks, Bacon, fruit and yogurt, and cereal with milk and juice

Lunch was chicken patty sandwich with French fries, with applesauce, salad bar, deli bar, pb&j bar with milk and juice.

For dinner tonight we will be having  pulled pork, scalloped potatoes, salad pb&j bar  and dessert was an ice cream Sunday bar!

cleanest cabin today was

Apache 2


We had beautiful weather today. Our clinics got some extra water time.

At Chapel today we wrapped up our talk on core values. We ended with Respect.  Our counselors led songs followed by a skit.  This week we have talked about the 4 core values of the YMCA. Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Caring.


Tonight after dinner, we will have closing campfire.

This week has been beyond amazing and it’s very normal for kids to experience camp sickness.  If your kids are walking around singing camp songs, asking what his or her cabin activity is, or  asking for their arts & crafts, this is all totally normal!

We appreciate being able to partner with you on the development of your child and hope to see you again soon!

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