Tuesdays at camp our staff tend to dress in their Hawaiian wear, therefore we call it Tiki Tuesday.

Our meals today were…

Scrambled Eggs, fruit & yogurt, cereal and toast with milk and juice.

Sub sandwich, potato chips, pickle spear, baby carrots, salad bar, deli bar, pb&j bar.

Tonight’s dinner menu was….. Tacos! Chicken tacos, chips and salsa, fiesta corn, Mexican rice, salad bar, pb&j bar. Delicious churros for dessert!

Cleanest cabins of the day…

On the hill:Wyandot
Yurt village: Endeavor
Down in the valley: Apache 1 and 2

At chapel today we talked about RESPONSIBILITY. Through songs and skits our summer staff talked to the campers about what it means to be responsible at camp, at home, and at school.


Highlights include…

Today was full of beautiful sunshine! Our Spa clinic got to make lip gloss, our Splash clinic got to use the wet willy slide, and there were some pretty fun games of gaga happening at camp today.  No rain here. 🙂

Tonight is the all time favorite…ALL camp Capture the Flag!

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