Sunday June 9, 2019,

Food: It Does a Body Good

  • Dinner-Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cobb, dinner rolls, salad bar, pb&j bar, brownies.


Let’s Get Camp Started!

Many campers have been counting down to this day since the end of camp last year.  We started out our day with our cook-out, hopefully you got to meet one of our camp horses wandering around. Campers got to make their Clinic choices for the week. Our clinics this week include canoeing, outdoor cooking, arts and crafts, free swim, advanced sports,  kayaking, climbing, high ropes and more!

Campers were able to get all settled in to their cabins, meet their cabin mates and have already made their way to the pool for their swim test.  We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather to kick off summer camp season

After dinner our campers going to be go to our opening campfire at 730. Remember to check our SmugMug page to see the fun your camper is having this week. The password for SmugMug can be found in your check-in email.

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