Thursday June 6, 2019

Food: It Does a Body Good

  • Breakfast- Mini muffins Breakfast Parfaits Fruit Yogurt Milk
  • Lunch- Sack lunch: Uncrustable sandwich, Goldfish crackers, string cheese, Rice Krispy treats, apple slices.
  • Dinner- Chicken Alfredo, bread sticks, California blend veggies, pb&j bar, salad bar

Everybody Stand Up! It’s Time for Chapel!

At chapel today we talked about honesty. Through songs and skits our summer staff talked to the campers about why being honest is important, not just with others but with yourself. We sang Peace like a River and Rise and Shine, two of our all-time favorite camp songs!

The Golden Plunger Goes To…

Each day our Unit Directors challenge each of their cabins to maintain the cleanliness of the cabins and make it a competition. The winning cabin each day with receive a Golden Plunger, with hopes to keep it each day. The cleanest cabin awards for the day went to:

The Hill: Kickapoo
Yurt Village: Gemini
The Valley: Chip 1

Let’s Get Moving: It’s Clinic Time

Today was EPIC! After our picnic at the Athletic Field, the St. Vincent Stat Flight medic team landed their helicopter at camp. They were able to talk to the campers about being pilots, paramedics, and nurses in the air, and what they accomplished to be in the role they are now. Be sure to see the pictures on our SmugMug account. 


Time to Get Ready for Tonight’s Activity

Tonight is the camp dance!

Because of the storms yesterday evening, our teens did not go to our outpost area to camp under the stars.



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