2019 Event Planner

Hello! We are thrilled to have your school at Flat Rock River YMCA Camp this year, to participate in our Outdoor Environmental Education program! Please review this packet closely, and let us know if you have any questions.

This packet is used in providing the best experience for your school, and mandatory in the planning process of your trip. Please return the completed packet as promptly as possible in order to ensure our team is able to meet your group’s needs, and create an experience that is a valuable and memorable experience for all who attend.

The final pages, after the “STOP” sign are yours to keep. They have key information for you to share with all Teachers, Parents and Students.

All packets can be scanned and emailed to Kirby Chalfant at kchalfant@indymca.org

6981 W Co Rd 650 N
St Paul, IN 47272