At Flat Rock, service-learning opportunities are one way that we elevate youth voice, and connect students to give back to our camp community in tangible ways. Our Ranger Program at Flat Rock River YMCA camp teaches servant leadership, practical life skills, and grow the progression opportunities for older campers. Several of our Flat Rock alumni who are engaged with camp to this day speak fondly and with passion about the projects they helped work on in this program and the ways that contributed to making the camp a better place.

That is great, but what is it and who can participate?

  • The Rangers Program is a two week program open to campers who have completed Freshman year of high school
  • Ranger Campers will work with one of our program staff to spend the morning of 4 days completing projects that add value to the camp facility and community.  (e.g. installing hardscape seating at Starlight Amphitheater, creating and mounting trail signs, constructing benches, making a knot board at Alpine Tower)  They will also spend one morning serving in our local community helping the elderly or assisting with our Mission St. Paul program for youth.
  • They will still have the opportunity to select two camp clinics to participate in the afternoon and will be a part of all camp wide meals and activities.
  • Our staff will work on helping the campers develop project management skills, trade skills, and a heart for service throughout the program!
  • You can register online in the normal registration portal by selecting the sessions that works best for your camper.
  • The cost is slightly less than other two week programs because of the service rendered to Flat Rock

Please feel free to reach out to Brian Keyes with any questions you may have about this exciting  program at Flat Rock.  We are looking forward to seeing both the wonderful ways these campers impact our camp for the better and the world at large when they take their commitment to service and skills into the community!

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