May in Indianapolis is an exciting time with the greatest spectacle in racing around the corner and the numerous festivities leading up to it.  Things at Flat Rock River YMCA Camp are equally exciting this month with huge numbers of students attending our Outdoor Education programs and everyone getting prepared to host the best camp ever for every child attending Summer resident camp.  Project 356 is our effort to bring children here for Summer camp who are in need of financial assistance to attend.  Every child deserves camp and the funds we raise makes sure none of them miss out because of financial needs.

Throughout the month I am planning to visit with current donors, community leaders, and do some camping around the Hoosier State to promote camp and raise funds to make it possible for more kids.  First up is longtime donor and Flat Rocker, Dan Church.

Dan and his family attended several Family Camps here at Flat Rock and he has long supported our campaign in addition to serving on our advisory board for two years.  He is an entrepreneur and the owner of DairyChem based out of Fishers.  A fun fact is that the stairs leading down to the river behind the office were constructed by Dan’s son Grant as an Eagle Scout.  The plaque is still there on the last step and countless thousands of campers and guests have used them to access one of the most beautiful places in Indiana.

Q; What do you most hope children gain from their camp experience?
A:  I hope children gain confidence.  I hope the time away from their parents gives them confidence in what they can do.

Q: What is your favorite Flat Rock Memory?
A:  Playing games in the Athletic Field at family camp and being silly with the other families there.

Dan lost his beloved wife Dianna to cancer and often discusses service and giving to Flat Rock in her honor.  I asked what about camp she appreciated, and he shared that she loved anything that got kids and families doing things and making memories.  We are grateful for Dan’s support of Project 356 and hope you will join him in making camp possible for children in need this Summer.  Just click here

Happy Camping,

Don Sheppard
Executive Director and Flat Rock Fanatic

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