Flat Rock YMCA Camp is open year-round with options for day trips, overnights, or multiple night stays. From activity choices and breakout sessions to lodging, recreation and meals, we work closely with each group to design a retreat that meets group goals.  Anyone and Everyone is welcome at Flat Rock! School Clubs, Sports Teams, Churches, Corporate and Businesses, Weddings, Festivals, Community Clubs, and many more. Let us make the perfect schedule and accommodations for you!

What Programs Do We Offer?

Character Development & Challenge Education

These activities are designed to allow individual participants to challenge themselves to go one “step” further than they feel comfortable. This is accomplished in a supportive atmosphere emphasizing peer encouragement with a goal of building self-confidence, a sense of community, goal setting, positive peer interactions, and eliminate bullying. This program may be limited by age, group size and additional costs.

Flat Rock has 8 high rope elements that are specifically designed for groups to step out of their comfort zone and build strong relationships with their teammates. Each of the elements incorporates the entire group requiring teamwork and communication, and is facilitated by ACCT certified professionals who strive for group and individual success. High rope goals are met while incorporating and demanding group processing to take place through participant belaying and assistance on the element from the ground. Appropriate for age 11 and up.

The Alpine Tower is a 50-foot tall vertical jungle gym of climbing. With cargo nets, free-swinging utility poles, and creative holds, the Alpine Tower offers a different kind of challenge than the High Ropes course. The Alpine Tower is directed at accomplishing individual goals and group encouragement from the ground. While only 3 participants can climb at a time, group members who aren’t providing encouragement can practice climbing skills on the Bouldering wall. Appropriate for 3rd Grade and up and teacher/chaperone assistance is required for supervision

The low ropes course provides a group challenge through various elements without the height of High Ropes. This course provides a good combination of group support, trust, and personal challenges.

Participants of all ages including adults can participate in this teambuilding activity that can last from 1 hour to 4 hours. Using a combination of non-competitive tasks, participants have to use ideas, teamwork skills, and communication in order to solve a problem or complete a task. These initiatives can either be physical or mental or a combination of both. Some Teambuilding initiatives use little or no props while some utilize built structures to help participants realize their potential as an individual and as a team.

This exciting activity is a high rope activity that incorporates personal challenge with a thrilling ride. More of a fun activity than challenge activity in nature, the Giant Swing allows participants to be pulled up to 45 in the air before being released to swing back and forth through the air at a rate upwards of 2Gs. Appropriate for grades 3 and up.

Outdoor Skills

This activity will familiarize participants with topographical maps and the use of a compass. Math will be an integral part of this unit specifically discussing degrees of a circle or geometric shapes. Participants may determine their pace length to estimate distances or practice use of the compass by mapping out geometric shapes.

For participants who have completed Map & Compass, the learned skills can be put to practical use by navigating a course through the forest or bushwhacking with a compass from a bearing determined from the map.

This activity will place participants in situations where they can develop basic survival skills. They must work as a group to “survive”. The prioritization of basic needs is stressed and participants will gain practical critical thinking skills too. Participants are also introduced to signaling methods, wild edibles, and how to build shelters and fires. Though participants may never face this type of survival situation it involves them being hands on in the outdoors and encourages teamwork and critical thinking skills. A cookout lunch can be combined with this in spring or fall.

This class utilizes and teaches modern technology while allowing students to explore our property and find hidden gems around our property. Students can use our current waypoints, develop their own, or just explore with the directional finder.

This activity is offered in an attempt to build a stronger land-use ethic in those who use the woods for recreational hiking and camping as well as teaching specific skills. How to pack backpacks, choose a site, pitch tents, build fires and dispose of waste with minimal impact on the environment may be included.

(Can only be done if the water and air temperatures add up to 100 degrees or more.)

Water safety equipment and techniques are stressed so that the sport is safe and enjoyable. Students will learn the proper means of entrance and exit as well as paddling techniques for controlling their direction of travel. Of course, the importance of the life jacket and proper conduct are stressed for safety. This activity is conducted with our certified lifeguards. All participants must participate in an orientation before canoeing or kayaking is offered. During most of the year the beautiful Flat Rock River can be used for a half hour to full day canoeing or kayaking trip.

We can customize our programs to work with your group’s needs. Even if you simply want a place to retreat, with great food, lodging and gorgeous surroundings, any time of year, we are here for you!

Please e-mail Kirby Reis or call us at (765) 525-6730 or (888) 828-9622 to check for available dates.

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