Summer Clinic Programs


Nature and Science

Nature Science (All Ages)

Campers will explore the ecosystems around them and see how science interacts with our everyday world around us. Our explorers will hike to the river, our Flat Rock Fen, and through our 240 acres to look at how these different spaces help create our beautiful world.


Robots and Rockets (10+)

Campers will work with our skilled staff to learn about circuitry and computers while building robots. They will then utilize the knowledge gained to building their own rocket that the group will launch on Friday.  Campers will have the opportunity to build a basic rocket or use their Trading Post funds to upgrade their spaceship!


Astronomy (All Ages)

Our camper astronauts will explore the universe while safely on earth.  Utilizing our planetarium and clear skies, campers will learn about star formation, the constellations, and the world beyond our planet.



Kayak (12+)

Take adventures on the Flat Rock River with our Kayak program.  Campers 12+ will spend their time learning how to navigate up and down the Flat Rock with their kayaks throughout the week.


Stand up Paddle Board (12+)

Learn how to balance on the water with our Stand up Paddle Board program. It’s a great way to practice your balance and coordination. Campers will work with staff to practice and increase their skills while spending an hour on the lake.


Canoe (All Ages)

Take a spin around Lake Talesce in one of our canoes! Campers will learn the parts of the boat, the parts of the paddle and how to work as a team to make a canoe move. This is a great program for campers who want some time on the water, but not necessarily in the water.


Arts and crafts 2

Arts and Crafts (All Ages)

Join us for a new project every day at Arts and Crafts, including learning how to make friendship bracelets, stamp leather, create beautiful projects from things found in nature, and of course Tie Dye! Each day will provide a new adventure and learning how to let your creative juices flow.

drama clinic 2

Dance (All Ages)

Get your body moving and dancing to popular and classic songs. Counselors will teach campers 2-3 dances throughout the week that will get them on their feet and feeling great. The Dance program will perform one of their dances at closing campfire each week!

drama 3

Drama (All Ages)

Learn about life on stage in our drama program. With our experienced staff, campers will learn how to improvise, build confidence in speaking in front of groups, and by the end of the week create a performance for closing campfire.


high ropes3

High Ropes/Zip line (12+)

This 2 hour clinic is perfect for those 12+ campers who love the challenge themselves while 30 feet in the air. You will navigate our 8 element course and increase self-confidence by expanding your comfort zones. As a reward you and a partner can joyously glide down our dual Zip Line. Our trained staff while teach the necessary safety skills and help you reach new heights!


Alpine Tower (All Ages)

Come experience the excitement of climbing. Our 55 foot tall Alpine tower is great for all ages. It has cargo nets, free-swinging poles and creative holds. Alpine is perfect for goal setting, group encouragement and boosting self-esteem!

family camp boy and girl

Low Ropes (All Ages)

Our Low Ropes course is perfect for all ages and abilities. The lower to the ground version of high ropes, this course provides a group challenge without heights being a factor. Some low ropes activities use no props while others utilize our awesome 6 element Adventure Walk course. The full course provides participants with a good combination of group support, trust, and fun teamwork.


Giant Swing (All Ages)

Another aerial thrill is our awesome Giant Swing. Harness in and get pulled up roughly 40 feet then release into an exciting swing! It is great for all ages and provides campers with a unique spin on a child’s favorite playground activity. Feel a sense of accomplishment as you swing your way to new adventures!


bow and arrow photo boy

Archery (All Ages)

Have you ever hit a bulls-eye before? Our USA Level 1 Archery instructors will show you how to safely shoot recurve bows and hone your skills. Our round, square and even dinosaur targets provide a fun way to develop confidence in Archery. There will be an end of the week competition to take home a prize!


Field Archery (12+)

Field archery is for campers 12+ who want to take their skills to the next level. You will shoot compound bows at targets in the woods from various elevations and distances!

target shooting

Beginning Shooting Sports (All Ages)

This basic shooting clinic will explore the beginnings of firearm safety. You will use basic sling shots and air rifles (bb guns) to hit your target! Our Range Safety Officers will guide you through rigorous safety rules and an interactive clinic that won’t disappoint.

Advanced Shooting sports

Advanced Shooting Sports (12+)

Advanced Shooting is for our 12+ campers and uses .22 caliber rifles and 20 gauge shotguns. Throughout the week you test your aim along with learning firearm safety from our trained Range Safety Officers. 


Free Swim

Free Swim (All Ages)

Take time every day in our camp pool! Campers get a free hour to swim, play and climb our pool rock wall.

swim lessons 2

Swim Lessons (All Ages)

All campers that receive a red band during their swim test will be signed up for swim lessons. These lessons will be taught by a certified YMCA Swim Instructor and campers will have a chance to learn while safely swimming in our camp pool.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking (12+)

A childhood favorite launched to new heights. Mountain biking is a fun way to see the beauty of Flat Rock. Our miles of trails through hills and different terrains provide campers a great chance to enjoy a bike riding adventure. The week ends with a ride to our local convenience store for a quick snack!

Splash Clinic

Splash (All Ages)

Have you ever played sports related games with water? Come to this clinic and play water kickball, water polo, water balloon games, and much more! You may even find yourself at the pool or going down our water slide.


Beginner Sports (All Ages)

We know you love sports! Come play a different sport each day including basketball, soccer, volleyball and more. Learn the fundamentals from our awesome staff, while having so much fun! This is perfect for campers under 12 years old.

sports 2

Advanced Sports (10+)

For those sports fans, this clinic is for 10+ campers that go bonkers at the site of a ball. You will play basketball, soccer, volleyball and more! Games will be fun and competitive while our staff promote teamwork and good sportsmanship. Individual skill level doesn’t matter!


outdoor cooking survival

Outdoor Cooking (All Ages)

Take your kitchen skills into the outdoors and learn how to cook over a campfire. This program allows for campers to explore different recipes and end the week with a cooking challenge.


Survival (10+, 12+)

For our older campers, Survival is a great way to take their outdoors skills even further. Learn how to build shelters, create fire from flint and how to survive when stranded. Campers 10 and 11 years old can take a 1 hour clinic and 12+ campers can take the 2 hour clinic.


Hiking (All Ages)

Explore all 220 acres of Flat Rock River YMCA Camp with our Hiking clinic. While on your hikes, you will search for wild edible plants, learn to identify trees and plants, and find our Flat Rock Spring. This is the perfect clinic for our campers who like to learn and explore.

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