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What if I told you, you could do something that is great for your children and get a week to yourself for whatever you wanted?  No this is not some parallel universe in a science fiction movie, this opportunity exists in real life.  Its existed for over 100 years, but to many of us modern parents remains an unknown.  It is called Residential Camp.Image result for Woman in the Board Room

Parents are aware of how important it is that our children develop self-reliance and “grit”, but struggle with how to provide them with it.  It is not realistic to put our kids out on the streets to learn “grit”  and more intervention by us will not accomplish it.  Residential Camp is a safe place to help our children develop these attributes.  Our children get to make choices on their own, learn to make friends and work with a diverse group of new people.  There are lots of other positive outcomes and its actually FUN for the kids!

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One of the less discussed, but wonderful benefits of Resident Camp is that you get a week back to do something for you.  This is not the figure out how to drop off and pickup the kids while eating and taking a conference call kind of camp, this is the kids living at camp day and night while you do something for you.  For some parents this is time to focus on an important work project, read a book in the evening for the 1st time in 9 years, or reclaim a travel dream/ hobby they thought forever lost.

The magic moment happens when parent and child meet up on camp pickup day having missed one another, but both refreshed and enriched from the time apart.  For this reason, Resident Camp is the ultimate parenting hack.  Lots of parents use it successfully, like the group of parents that leave their kids at Flat Rock River YMCA Camp and then head off to a lake house they rent for what they call” Parent Camp”.

Many parents worry about whether Resident Camp is right for their child.  Try it and you will see what we observe each summer.  It is right and important for every child.  The first summer you might worry and hit refresh repeatedly on the picture postings to see if you can glimpse your child each day.  The third summer and thereafter you will join many long time Resident Camp parents in doing something for you with the comfort of knowing you are also doing something great for your kids.  What will you do with your week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks of Parent Camp?

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