Monday June 10, 2019

Food: It Does a Body Good

  • Breakfast- Pancakes, sausage links, fresh fruit, and yogurt.
  • Lunch- Chicken fingers, mac and cheese, peas, salad bar, pb&j bar, cookies
  • Dinner-Pizza, pasta salad, pineapple, salad bar, pb&j bar, root beer floats for dessert!


Everybody Stand Up! It’s Time for Chapel!

This morning’s chapel was led by our summer staff directors. Every day at chapel we will talk about a different YMCA core value. Our core values are Honesty, Respect, Caring and Responsibility. We teach a different core vale at each chapel session this week.
Songs: Pharaoh Pharaoh, Sing Hosanna
Story: Goose

The Golden Plunger Goes To…

Each day our Unit Directors challenge each of their cabins to maintain the cleanliness of the cabins and make it a competition. The winning cabin each day with receive a Golden Plunger, with hopes to keep it each day. The cleanest cabin awards for the day went to:

The Hill: Wyandot
Yurt Village: Endeavor
The Valley: Chip 1

Let’s Get Moving: It’s Clinic Time

Our clinics got off to a great start. The rain has held off this far and it has been a nice 70 degree day. As we walked around camp we witnessed, canoeing, archery, kayaking, paddle boarding, climbing Alpine, Zip-line, and so much more! Campers were introduced to our YMCA Raggers and Leathers program today.  Raggers is a program and a daily tool that campers, young people, and YMCA leaders can use to grow in personal strength. We follow the YMCA Raggers program designed for campers and staff 12 years or older. Our Leathers Program is designed to do the same thing, but on a smaller and more reasonable scale.


Time to Get Ready for Tonight’s Activity

Tonight the campers will gather with their units for a unit activity planned by our directors.


The Village The Village Games, Olympic like games, but camp style.

The Valley will have the pool to themselves.

The Hill is going to have a lip-sync battle and a photo-booth with props.

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