Maddie Smith first came to Flat Rock YMCA Camp when she was 12.  Maddie loved the outdoors – climbing, jumping, swinging, swimming, shooting hoops – anything that was physically challenging. She was always a bit nervous about coming to camp, afraid she wouldn’t be accepted by the girls in her cabin – but every year she ended the week with a cabin full of new best friends.

On her second trip to Flat Rock, she spent a week at Ranch Camp, where she got to ride horses every day and help take care of them.  Maddie loved it when she could help another camper get comfortable around the horses and learn to ride safely. This yearly scholarship is a great way to honor her memory and her love of Ranch Camp, and also to help someone become a counselor who will go on to help a whole new group of campers enjoy the Flat Rock experience.

Someone who has completed their junior year of high school and has a sincere interest in serving youth at Flat Rock and working in the equestrian program can apply for this scholarship.  The form is linked here: 2017 Madeline Henderson Smith Scholarship Form



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