Food: It Does a Body Good

  • Breakfast- Breakfast pizza, fresh fruit, yogurt
  • Lunch- Pizza Burgers, pickle, gold fish, Milk, Salad Bar, PB&J Bar
  • Dinner-Chicken and waffles, Spiced apples, Ice cream, Salad Bar

Everybody Stand Up! It’s Time for Chapel!

At chapel today we talked about honesty. Through songs and skits our summer staff talked to the campers about why being honest is important, not just with others but with yourself.
Who Led Chapel: CITs and LDPs
Skit: Three Trees
Songs: Yappo a Tie Tie and Love Grows
Story: Benchwarmer

Let’s Get Moving: It’s Clinic Time

Clinics finished up today and we saw the game of spoons come to an end ahead of dinner.

We appreciate being able to partner with you on the development of your child and hope to see you again soon!

Time to Get Ready for Tonight’s Activity

Closing campfire.

Campfire is a time for everyone to come together, enjoy skits, sing songs, and watch the sun go down. This week of camp has been magical, exciting, and fun. Your camper has connected with nature and other kids as they have had adventures they will remember the rest of their life.




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