Winter Camp 


Most of us are still wondering how it is already 2019 but our campers are wondering how it is already Friday. Campers are trying their best not to acknowledge the reality of this being their last night at Flat Rock ( until Summer Camp)!

Breakfast this morning was french toast, bacon, fruit, and yogurt. After this delicious breakfast, we took the campers swimming at the Decatur County YMCA.

After returning from swimming campers gathered for lunch. Grilled Cheese, Chicken Noodle Soup, and salad bar was a hit.  Of course our campers needed their siesta after a morning swim. This afternoon campers had the opportunity to participate in some outdoor activities. Alpine tower, Gaga, and broomball.

Tonight after dinner we will have closing campfire.  Dinner is baked pasta, Texas toast, broccoli, and ice cream Sundays for dessert.

We appreciate being able to partner with you on the development of your child and hope to see you again soon!



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