Flat Rock @ Your School

Outdoor Education is an important part of a students development. Partner with our experienced staff to bring the fun and education of an outside classroom to your school to  with one of our personalized school programs.  Our programs at Flat Rock River YMCA Camp demonstrate the benefits of integrating important elements of Outdoor Education curriculum for all ages. This helps to instill increased motivation, awareness, and leadership.

Let us work together to create creative and fun experiences, and integrate an outdoor education program into your school’s unique curriculum. We have multiple classes to chose from that align with our Indiana State Standards. 


What does Flat Rock @ Your School look like? 

  • Flat Rock staff arrive at your school before or after lunch- we are flexible to your schedule.
  • 3-4 hours of Interactive Activities
    • STEM Activities
    • Planetarium 
    • Habitats
    • Team Building
  • Traditional Camp Games and Songs Included


  • Package 1: Hello, Habitats!
  • Package 2: Navigating the Night Sky
  • Package 3: Group Team Building



Flat Rock @ Your School is great on its own, or as a preliminary activity before your trip to Flat Rock. Contact our Associate Programs Director Kirby Reis to get the ball rolling on planning your Flat Rock @ Your School’s Outdoor Education Program

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