Being a volunteer means being part of a movement.  It means being advocate for building a healthy Mind Spirit and Body. Our Fall Mission Trip teens in 2018 were rewarded by their efforts when visiting the Sioux YMCA. We are continuing our movement by heading to an area nestled between the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee National Forest in East Tennessee. Once Upon a Time Breakaway will challenge our teens to do things that help connect with nature and humanity.


October 13-19


Sunday: Arrive at Once Upon A Time


Monday: Homesteading-work at Once Upon A Time giving back to their space, splitting wood, and cleaning up


Tuesday: Volunteer work at the Snowbird Senior Citizen Center


Wednesday: Free Day.  Explore  the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee National Forest. 


Thursday: Work in the Cherokee National Forest or Great Smoky Mountain National Park-Trail maintenance, creek cleanup, remove exotic invasive plants, special projects


Friday: Sequoyah Museum where we will help them with special projects and speak with Cherokee Storytellers.


Saturday: Return home to Flat Rock 


During our stay, we will make all of our own meals. Once Upon a Time Breakaway kindly stocks their kitchen with tools, Flat Rock will be providing the food for the meals. 

Once Upon a Time Breakaway provide pillows, pillow cases and fitted sheets.

Register for the Fall 2019 Mission Trip today.





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