At Flat Rock River YMCA Camp our facilities are exceptional. They are kept clean and well maintained for each camper’s comfort and safety.

Take a moment to check out some of the facilities of our camp:

We have 3 Valley Cabins here at Flat Rock. The Valley Cabins sleep 24 and are fully enclosed and spacious structures, with both air conditioning and heat.
Each cabin has a restroom facility including including showers, sinks and toilets.

We have 9 Yurts in our Yurt Village. Each Yurt sleeps 12.  Our Yurts are Mongolian soft-sides tent structures.  While many yurts are made to be collapsible and transportable, our yurts are permanent with hardwood floors. Our Yurts are climate controlled with both heat and air conditioning. While our Yurts do not have attached restroom facilities they utilize near by restrooms and showers. 

6981 W Co Rd 650 N
St Paul, IN 47272