Flat Rock River YMCA Camp’s Equine Programs are structured to provide campers with a fun and safe experience.

Horses at Flat Rock  is an experience that your child will never forget.  We offer programs focused on not only riding horses but also taking care of the horses.  These programs provide a range of experiences for those who have never ridden a horse to those who are experienced riders. Saddle up your horse and register today! Registering for our equestrian programs are done through your online account. 

There is no safer place to ride a horse. 

Riding Lessons for Ages 8 & Up. 

For Boys and Girls interested in learning how to ride a horse.

Lessons are available for those wanting beginning or intermediate instruction in western riding and horse care. All lessons are geared toward the rider’s abilities. Our Riding Lessons Program includes five sessions of one hour riding, ground lessons, and instruction. 

Cost: $125

Trail Rides Ages 10 & Up

For boys and girls who want to have a horse experience while at camp.

A Trail Ride provides an opportunity for campers to enjoy our horses by taking a one hour horseback ride one time during their week of camp. Campers will ride along trails following the Flat Rock River with their instructor. This cost can be paid with registration.


Cost $38

Horsemanship Ages 7 & Up

Boys and girls who are trying out horses for the first time

Campers spend time learning how to groom and tack a horse, as well as learning about the different parts of a horse, tack parts, breeds, colors, markings, and basic horse care. These riders will do a trail ride once during the week.


Cost $75

Ranch Camp Ages 11 & Up

Boys and girls that love horses

Our focus on the responsibility and delight of caring for horses is the heart of our program. When you are open to learning about and relating to horses, you cannot help but be affected by them. Half of your program day is spent at the Ranch. Our program includes both lessons and trail rides and is for anyone that wishes to learn more about horses and riding regardless of previous experience. The lessons are structured to improve each rider’s equestrian skills.

Ranchers will be assigned to a horse and placed in a riding group on par with their experience. They will be able to change groups as their skills progress. Our program follows the guidelines of the Horsemanship Safety Association. Having a certified Riding Instructor providing the leadership to our Ranch staff and program is something we are proud of here at Flat Rock.

These campers spend the other half of the day participating in other camp activities such as swimming, archery, etc. They will also ride out to a remote part of our campsite for a picnic.



$686 Y Member

$746 Nonmember

Wrangler In Training Age 17


Wrangler in Training (WIT) is a two week leadership development program that provides training for our older more experienced horse campers who are interested in working with the horse program in the future as a staff member. This is a 2 week program, and includes the weekend trip.


$970 Y Member