Don’t settle for an Internship, get a Job.

Let me be clear, internships are great ways to gain experience in many fields and have a proven track record of helping college-age students in their pursuit of a career.  They provide access to companies, work experience, and networking that may land you a full-time position when you graduate.


A job, and especially one as a Summer Camp Counselor provides so much more. The American Camp Association agrees. You are working as a part of a large team to make a huge operation function each and every day. You learn on the job as you go, providing education and safety trainings, troubleshooting issues, and making decisions. You gain responsibilities, not just experience. My responsibilities as a summer camp counselor were not matched on my resume until I was working professionally for 4-5 years after college. Being a Summer Camp Counselor gives you all resume experience you will need to create amazing opportunities for yourself. It opens doors, and shows not only that you can get a job but that you are a hard worker that is able to work with a variety of people, troubleshoot problems, and create programs and content.


This is pulled from my first resume after graduating college:


-Trained and supervised 60 staff

-Charged and responsible for over 200 individuals each week

-Worked in a team of 6 administrative staff to provide consistent support in operations and solutions to daily issues.

-Responsible for managing a budget to maintain program quality and efficiency


This kind of experience prepares you to take on anything. Former summer camp counselors can be found in all fields because it prepares people to work efficiently, effectively, and creates flexible and adaptable individuals that can take on anything you give them.

The best part of all of this is that at the end of the summer, you’ve created a great resume, made some money, and done all of this while being outside, engaging with campers, making friends, having fun, and participating in the best summer ever. (And if you need it for school credit, we can call it an internship)


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