Your Child's Best Summer Ever is Just a few Clicks Away

Summer 2021 is just around the corner and campers are already getting registered. For session availability click on “Enroll Now” at the top of the screen. 

Mini Camp

Mini Camp is offered to campers ages 7–8. This half-week program gives campers an opportunity to explore new skills while under the supervision of specially trained staff. These kids experience camping away from home with lots of individual attention, but without the extended stay. Mini Camp is offered the last week of the summer. The week is divided into Mini Camp A (July 25-27) for the first part of the week and Mini Camp B (July 28-30) for the second part of the week.

SessionDatesRates A/B/C
Mini Camp AJuly 25-27$500/$480/$460
Mini Camp BJuly 28-30$500/$480/$460

Traditional 1 week sessions


SessionDatesRates A/B/C
Session 1
June 6-11$645/$595/$545
Session 2
June 13-18$645/$595/$545
Session 3June 20-25$645/$595/$545
Session 4June 27 - July 2$645/$595/$545
Session 5July 4-9$645/$595/$545
Session 6July 11-16$645/$595/$545
Session 7
July 18-23$645/$595/$545
Session 8
July 25-30$645/$595/$545

Ranch Camp  

Love horses? Our Ranch Program focuses on horses all week.  Ranch Camp gives campers the opportunity to advance their horseback riding skills, expand their horsemanship knowledge, and enjoy riding with friends. 

SessionDatesRates A/B/C
Session 1
June 6-11$745/$720/$695
Session 2June 13-18$745/$720/$695
Session 3June 20-25$745/$720/$695
Session 4June 27 - July 2$745/$720/$695
Session 5
July 4-9$745/$720/$695
Session 6July 11-16$745/$720/$695
Session 7
July 18-23$745/$720/$695
Session 8
July 25-30$745/$720/$695


This is an awesome addition to the our leadership programming. Rangers is a service learning program designed for teens who have a desire to make a lasting impact at camp! These teens will work on improvement projects around and support our local community.  The cost of this program is supplemented by the service work that is done. This two week camp sessions include the Weekend Excursion and laundry service. Rangers is offered to campers who have completed their Freshman Year.

SessionDatesRates Y member/nonmember
Session A
Epic & Superhero
May 31- June 13 $1000/$1030
Session B
Halloween & Wild West
June 14-27$1000/$1030
Session C
Olympics & Pirate
June 28- July 11$1000/$1030
Session D
Christmas & The 90s
July 12-25$1000/$1030

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is offered to our teen campers who have completed their Freshman Year and desire to develop their leadership skills while at camp. Leadership skills learned during LDP are ideal for those campers looking to take on leadership roles inside and outside of camp.  This two week camp session includes a weekend trip.

SessionDatesRates A/B/C
LDP 1June 6-18$1100/$1050/$1000
LDP 3June 20 - July 2$1100/$1050/$1000
LDP 5July 4-16$1100/$1050/$1000
LDP 7July 18-30$1100/$1050/$1000

Counselor in Training & Wrangler In Training 

The Counselor in Training (CIT) and Wrangler in Training (WIT) two-week programs are dedicated to teens who have completed their Sophomore year and are entering the transitional period between camper and counselor.  CITs and WITs are given the opportunity to develop cabin leadership and program skills that will prepare them to apply to become a counselor in the future. The focus is on small group dynamics, communication skills, teamwork and values clarification. CITs/WITs help organize games and activities with the campers and assist the counselors with daily responsibilities.  Wrangler’s in Training program time is focused on the Equestrian area. These two week camp sessions include a weekend trip.

SessionDatesRates A/B/C
June 6-18$1000/$950/$900
CIT 3June 20 - July 2$1000/$950/$900
CIT 5July 4-16$1000/$950/$900
CIT 7July 18-30$1000/$950/$900
WIT 1June 6-18$1000/$950/$900
WIT 3June 20 - July 2$1000/$950/$900
WIT 5July 4-16$1000/$950/$900
WIT 7July 18-30$1000/$950/$900

Adventure Trips 

 Our Adventure Trips  are all about character building, challenging yourself, and making lasting friendships all while being a part of the great outdoors. 

Adventure TripDatesRates
Backpacking AdventureJune 20-25$750
White Water Adventure Trip
July 18-23$900

If your camper is registered for 2 consecutive weeks, they can spend the weekend with us too which includes a Saturday trip to King’s Island!

Kings Island Weekend TripDates
Weekend 1 - Must be registered for Sessions 1 and 2June 12
Weekend 2 - Must be registered for Sessions 2 and 3June 19
Weekend 3 - Must be registered for Sessions 3 and 4June 26
Weekend 4 - Must be registered for Sessions 4 and 5July 3
Weekend 5 - Must be registered for Sessions 5 and 6July 10
Weekend 6 - Must be registered for Sessions 6 and 7July 17
Weekend 7 - Must be registered for Sessions 7 and 8July 24
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