Welcome Flat Rockers!

Has it been awhile since you have been back at camp? Do you remember all the fun you had and the special times and memories that you still cherish to this day? Camp is still here and you are still welcomed. Please explore the Flat Rock Alumni page to reconnect to camp, old friends and cherished memories.

Mark your calendars for this year’s Alumni Dinner now – Friday June 1, 2018. Gather with friends to relive your memories of camp and take part in the fun of today. There will a camp tour starting at 5 pm and dinner at 6 pm.

Please RSVP at RLYOC@Indymca.org

Stay connected with fellow Flat Rockers.  There is no better way to keep up with what’s happening at camp or in the lives of your fellow Flat Rock Family then to join our Alumni page. Find the Flat Rock Alumni facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FlatRockRiverYMCACampAlumni/.

If you have not updated your information in 2018 and or registered as alumni, please do so below.

Check out our SmugMug account.  We are consistently adding photos new and old for you to enjoy. Every photo purchased help sends a kid to camp!

Please fill out the form below to become an alumni.



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