A Day at Flat Rock

A day in the life of a camper

Wake Up

  • Each morning, my counselor makes sure that I am up so the entire cabin can be on time. I hear the alarm and sometimes do not want to wake up quite yet. My counselor checks every bunk, makes sure we are awake, and reminds us to bring the clothes we need for our morning clinics. Sometimes I need a swimsuit, or closed toed shoes depending on what I signed up for.


  • We gather around the flagpole each morning to raise the flag. Each cabin gets a turn to raise it, or lower it during the week. We say the pledge of allegiance and then sing some songs. This helps me wake up each morning before breakfast and I’m ready for my day to start.


  • Breakfast is always delicious, and my favorite part is that if I do not want the sausage, eggs, or pancakes I can always grab some yogurt or cereal. Some days I want the hot breakfast, and other days I don’t. Either way, I am full by the time we leave the dining hall.


  • Chapel is one of my favorite parts of the day. We all walk to the Chapel, sit on our benches, and hear a story that makes us think about how we can be good people. The stories are always teaching us something that connects to the 4 core values, Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility.  We sing songs after each story that are special only to Chapel.

Morning Clinics

  • I have 3 clinics each morning that I picked when we registered, or on the first day of camp. So many choices made it difficult, but I’m happy with what I have. Every day I learn something new in my clinic and by the end of the week, I will build a rocket, hit a bulls eye, kayak the river, and many other things.  My counselors help make sure I’m in the right place at the right time for all of my clinics.


  • Before lunch, we all meet at the Amphitheater to hear announcements and to learn which cabin gets cleanest cabin for the day.  The cleanest cabin gets an award, and at the end of the week the cabin with the most clean points gets a flag to fly.  I hope our cabin wins! I’m going to make sure by making my bed, putting all my stuff away and picking up trash around camp.


  • By lunchtime, I’m hungry from all of our activities. For both lunch and dinner, if I do not like what they are serving for the hot lunch I can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or two). I really like the salad bar. Mom always tells me to eat vegetables, and so I make sure to get a few from there every meal. On Thursday, we get a picnic lunch with our cabin and get to eat anywhere we want on camp!


  • For 1 hour after lunch, we go back to the cabin and rest. I like to sit in my bed and write a letter to my parents and sometimes I take a nap. Our counselors make sure we keep the cabin quiet in case anyone needs to sleep. When it is time to get up, my counselors make sure that I have everything I need for the afternoon.

Afternoon Clinics

  • I have 2 clinics each afternoon and love them too.  It gives me a chance to do something completely different than in the morning.

Cabin Activity

  • Directly before dinner, my counselors plan a special activity for us. It’s our cabin doing something new each day. One day we took a nature hike and the other we climbed the Alpine tower! It’s a surprise everyday and I get to spend lots of time with my counselors and cabin mates.


  • Each day before dinner we lower the flag. I learned how to properly fold it into a triangle and know that you should never let the flag touch the ground. I was really proud of our cabin when it was our turn to lower the flag at dinner.


  • Dinner is always delicious and the kitchen staff make some great food. Some of my cabin mates cannot eat some of the food, so they get to go up and get a special meal from the kitchen. They do this every meal and the food looks delicious too. It’s great when we all get to have fun all day and eat the food that will give us the energy for each day.  Plus with dinner, we get dessert!

Camp Pride and Trading Post

  • After dinner, we play outside for a while. 9-square and Gaga ball are my two favorite.  When it’s my cabin’s turn, I go through Trading Post where I can buy 1 snack and 1 drink with my Trading Post Account.  I’ve also gotten a deck of cards and a t-shirt this week!  After Trading Post, we go to our Camp Pride spot and pick up any lost and found and trash we find. My counselor tells us that this is about caring for camp, being respectful of nature, and being responsible for something every day.  It’s all of our responsibility to make sure camp is clean and safe.

Evening Program 

  • At 7:30, we get together as an entire camp to play a game or do something special. This week, we played Capture the Flag, had a Camp Dance and a Pool Party.  The teen campers get to sleep outside on Wednesday nights at Outpost.



  • Once Evening Program is done, we head back to the cabin for Devotion. Our cabin sits in a circle, talks about our day and reflects on something that happened to us. I’ve gotten to know my cabin mates and counselors really well from devotion, and learned more about myself.


  • The day is over and it’s time for bed. We take showers (some nights), get into our pajamas, brush our teeth and head to bed.

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