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I was recently asked why I signed my kiddos up for Winter Camp at Flat Rock. Beyond the fact that I work for this great organization, I was able to relay to my other parent friends why it is one of the best things I could do for my kids and for our household this winter. Let’s be honest: The school calendar is cramping my vacation days. Between some schools having 2 weeks at Fall Break, 2 weeks at the holidays, 2 weeks in the spring, and summer break, I do not understand how parents are supposed to do it.  Am I expected to use all my vacation days for school breaks? It feels like I need a full-time babysitter for when my kids are out of school.


Winter Camp is the perfect solution for week 2 of Winter Break. As campers, my kids will have a rocking New Year’s Eve party where camp does a countdown to drop a kayak into the pond. With noise poppers, dance music, and friends from summer they will ring in 2019. I would love to share with you that I will be experiencing an amazing New Year’s Eve party- kid free, set with fancy hor d’oeuvres, a champagne toast, fireworks and party favors. Realistically, I am thrilled to lounge in my pajamas enjoying Netflix movies and being in bed by 9 PM!



The Best part of the week, the kids will not be sitting in front of the TV, playing video games, or bugging me about being bored. They will be outside every day, enjoying all camp has to offer. Tubing, ice fishing, hikes, winter Olympic games on the flag field, and on New Year’s Day, the campers take a trip to Perfect North where they will ski, snowboard and tube.  When inside, they will be drinking hot chocolate, sitting by a fire, playing board games, while reuniting with summer friends and making new friends at winter camp.




It’s the best of all world: Nature, Friendship, Hot Chocolate, and zero vacation day requests.


Flat Rock River YMCA Camp Winter Camp 


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