It is Friday which means it is the last day of clinics and kids are living large! Campers are enjoying fishing, shooting sports, archery, arts and crafts, and many other great camp activities for the final time today! We started the day out the right way with Chapel led by Apache 2, and we talked about Responsibility! Breakfast was French Toast Sticks and Bacon! For lunch we enjoyed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and potato chips! Cleanest cabin winners for the day were Apache 2 for the girls, Uncle Mickey 2 for the Boys, and Cherokee (formerly known as Dakota) for the Teens! Campers will enjoy one last cabin activity before dinner, and then after dinner we will do closing campfire as a camp! We are so excited to see all of our parents tomorrow at our closing ceremony tomorrow after breakfast! 

6981 W. County Road 650 North
St. Paul, IN 47272